Video: Showtime Motorsports’ Ken Thwaits’ Camaro Collection

Ken Thwaits has had a passion for cars his whole life He didn’t have the money to buy a Camaro in his early years, so he compensated when he could afford to. In 2013, Ken set out to put together the perfect Chevy Camaro collection. What he ended up with were 25 completely stunning cars that represent the first five generations (we’re sure he’ll soon have a 6th gen in the collection) of the Camaro.Ken Thwaits, the owner of Showtime Motorsports, loves his Chevy Camaros. Since he was a young teen, he has had a fascination with these cars, and obviously it’s a justifiable obsession.

Ken’s first car actually wasn’t even a Camaro, it was a 1964 Chevy Chevelle, this was the car that really ignited his passion for Chevy – which was later followed with a ’75 Chevelle. He described both cars as “beaters” that he still loved to wrench on and customize. What he really wanted was a new Camaro, but this wasn’t attainable at the time.

In this video, there’s a very important message stuffed in there from Ken about muscle cars that speaks to young and future enthusiasts. Ken says that if he could write a letter his teenage self, it would say to never buy an automatic, and stick to the manuals. Before you drag strip fiends get too worked up over that statement and tell us why automatics are superior, think about it.

camaro-4We’re in an age where the average 16- or 17-year old wouldn’t be able to get into a manual transmission equipped car and know what to do. Paddle shifters and virtual racing games are causing kids to lose interest in manual transmissions. That’s as far as we’re going to touch on that, we’re not looking to get shanked by auto transmission loyalists, but the message is valid.

Back to the Camaros, within the collection are a variety of Camaros to love, from high end collectibles, to street cars, and everything in between. There are numbers matching cars, and special editions galore. This is one man who embodies a true Camaro devotee!camaro-2

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