VIDEO: Riding Shotgun with Michelle Rodriguez Takes on a Twin Turbo C6Z

Riding Shotgun with Michelle Rodriguez is a Yahoo Autos web series that takes a look at some mean rides. We get to check them out and see what the Fast and the Furious star thinks of them on a track. In this episode, the crew gets a look at a bad to the bone C6Z Corvette.

Jack Brown has a stunning 2008 Corvette Z06 that would catch anyone’s attention, but no one is catching this car! As a former officer, Jack loves the thrill of the chase. After 20 years working narcotics at the NYPD, and being shot in the line of duty, it takes a lot more to get Jack’s heart racing these days, so in steps his retirement present to himself.

The C6Z makes enough power to keep most people happy for the rest of their lives, Jack’s just not one of those people. After having the C6 Z06 for a few weeks, it just wasn’t fast enough for Jack Brown. He took it to a shop, and it returned with 650 horsepower, which he admitted was fast, but he wanted more. In came the APS twin turbo, and a multitude of other modifications. Jack notes that the alternator is pretty much the only thing that went untouched. The result is 1268 horsepower, hopefully enough for Jack.

The fastest Jack has had the monster up to is 187 mph, so far. This setup has the ability to bring the car to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds. A completely overhauled suspension, brakes, and wheel/tire combo help keep the 1,200 horsepower machine from losing control on the track.

This car even made the Fast & Furious star a little nervous about getting behind the wheel. Careful not to hit the throttle with too much gusto, both driver and passenger were visibly nervous, but more so excited. Michelle was completely giddy getting out of the Corvette, stating that it was probably the most powerful vehicle she’s driven, and we don’t doubt it!


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