VIDEO: Redline Motorsports’ Twin Turbo Z06 Clocks a 7.79 Quarter Mile

I guess enough is never enough! Looks like the team at Redline Motorsports “dragged” out their twin turbo ZO6 for a day in the sun last week at Orlando Motorsports Speedway  – and found themselves a sticky pad and some good air! “We have been chasing a good 60-foot [launch] for a while at our local track, Palm Beach International Raceway, and decided to take advantage of Wade Riches ability to make a track work” stated Howard Tanner, owner of Redline and also car owner and pilot. “ It’s frustrating having to go backwards with a track tune up just to get down the track. This time we poured it all back in!”

The stats on this build are pretty impressive. Starting with an LSX iron block as the foundation they stuffed the motor with some branded named stuff from Callies and Diamond Pistons. A set of MAST Motorsports 285cc heads keep the 25-26 lbs. of boost pressure generated by a pair of Precision 62/64 turbos where it needs to be. Tanner tells us they just recently fitted the engine with a solid roller and ditched the factory LS7 intake for a Holley Hi-Ram hood popper! “We found that these recent upgrades really freed up the motor’s breathing up top,” Tanner advised. As we looked through the provided pictures we couldn’t help but notice a set of Nitrous Outlet fuel rails that we stealthily hidden amongst all the murdered out plumbing. Tanner told us the system is plumbed but hasn’t been used yet as they wanted to really get the car to load out of the gate first.

Getting all this power to glue is done through an RPM Transmissions built 2 speed Powerglide trans and then split to either side though at IRS 9-inch diff. When the car launches at 4200 of the trans brake and two step it’s the job of the Mickey Thompson Radial Pro 275 tires to handle the work. “We absolutely love that tire but it needs to be on a track prepped for a radial tire event. Quite often we need to pull the car out of the groove to get it to bite,” Tanner stated. “The conditions at Orlando were exactly what we needed.”TTZ06RL-6

The twin turbo Z06 is producing an estimated power output is close to 1500 rewhip – and getting this kind of power flowed-out to make it all work is no easy task. Redline claims the AMS-2000 boost controller is where all the magic comes from as they can micromanage every foot of the track to optimize the power. We asked Tanner what’s next with the beast, the to-do list included a bigger set of turbos, and start tapping into the laughing gas. “The car is my medication as well as a brand builder,” Tanner explained. “My goal was a 7.7x but of course that all changes when you can get there. A 7.2x would be the next trip.”

Well there is no doubt that a 7 second ride is nothing to sneeze at and Team Redline seems to have executed it perfectly as this video will attest… I guess we will sit tight for updates!


Image: Kevin DiOssi

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