VIDEO: ProCharger Equipped Chevy SS is the Fastest of its Kind in the World

The Chevrolet SS is a unique, and somewhat mysterious car. In many ways, it’s like the Batman to the Camaro’s Superman. While they both display a lot of power, they’re different in many ways. These two machines find themselves on the opposite end of the enthusiast community and aftermarket world.

We’re always talking about the Camaro and how people are racing to the extreme with them, but what about the Chevy SS? It’s a rather mild-looking sedan that packs a V-8 under the hood. Honestly, we’re surprised it doesn’t have more of a following that it does. It just doesn’t have the same kind of competition as the Camaro scene. People aren’t racing to 1,000 horsepower, shops aren’t making them into 200+ mph cars, etc.

As far as the fastest one goes, we’ve found it, and of course it’s powered by a ProCharger D-1SC blower, cranking out 15-psi. of boost. In addition to the ProCharger, it’s got a methanol injection system, and a custom-grind, blower-friendly camshaft setup. Other than that, this Chevy SS is largely stock. The transmission hasn’t even been modified; it has a 3600 Yank converter, but that’s it.

This Chevy SS might not look very intimidating, but it’s a mean little car! As it goes down the track time and time again, it consistently hits low-10s — there’s nothing scarier than a consistent car! It’s final pass almost nips at the high-9s, covering a 1/4-mile in 10.07 seconds at a mind-bending 136 miles per hour. That’s about three (plus) seconds faster than the stock version. We’d love to see this on a dyno!

Could Chevy SS modding be the next field to compete in? Maybe, keep an eye out for more competitors looking to dabble in this model now that we see how easily they respond to mods.


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