VIDEO: Pick Up an Easy 200 rwhp with a JDP Motorsports ZL-850 Package

It’s no secret that the ZL1 Camaro, with its factory-equipped 556hp LSA, is a supercharged monster. With a programmed conservative tune and a restricted induction and exhaust system, it leaves tons of power potential on the table. Add a few simple bolt-ons to the equation, and you can totally transform your ZL1 into a near 1,000 hp at the crank beast that will surprise many a supercar.

Naturally, there are many outfits out there who can help you get the fix you crave. One of those shops is JDP Motorsports.

Having earned a name for themselves over the last five years in the LS-tuning world, JDP Motorsports’ owner and founder, Jordan Priestley, is offering owners of the blown Camaro an easy and comprehensible package that will set their ZL1 apart from the rest.

One package that particularly catches our eye is the ZL-850. Consisting of strictly bolt-ons, a camshaft upgrade and tuning, Jordan typically sees a 200 rwhp increase at the wheels with an effective but simple recipe. Check out the video and see the build list below!

The list of mods include:

  • Roto-Fab CAI
  • custom tuning
  • 160 degree thermostat
  • VMAX 87mm CNC ported throttle body
  • ATI damper with a 10% overdriven pulley
  • KOOKS 1-7/8″ LT headers with connection pipes
  • JDP Motorsports LSA PD Stage III camshaft package
  • JDP Motorsports JDP ZL-850 callout decalsJDPZL1-1
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