VIDEO: PCM of NC’s Stage 3 ZL1 Package is Beautifully Awesome

When it comes to uncorking the untapped power potential of the Camaro ZL1, there are so many outlets that you can turn to. One of our favorites is PCM of NC. Stationed in Mooresville, North Carolina, they’ve had their way with so may LS engines, they’re easily one of the biggest names in the business, having solidly established themselves as GM tuning specialists years ago.

With 580 horsepower available straight from the factory, the ZL1’s blown LSA engine is one of the hottest platforms to build upon, thanks to its factory-installed supercharger. The intake and exhaust tract, though fairly low-restrictive, leaves a lot of power on the table.

PCM of NC knows their way around an LSA better than most, and when it comes to building a car with massive power and torque that’s daily-driver friendly and offers the perfect balance of sheer brutal acceleration and docility – they’re beyond capable of pulling it off.

Recently, a customer brought his 2014 ZL1 to them with the intent of building such a car. After seeing how well their other projects come together, he was more than confident in entrusting Alvin and Kelly Anderson to modify his ultra-Camaro.20

Starting with a baseline that included a completely stock LSA with only the addition of a RotoFab cold-air induction kit, the ZL1 put down 539 hp and 519 lb-ft to the rear wheels. Happy with that number, PCM of NC started by installing their custom-grind ZL-Win camshaft, an Advanced Induction port and polish head job, stuffed with Brian Tooley titanium retainer valvesprings.

A COMP Cams trunion upgrade was also part of the package, along with a Melling 10296 oil pump to prevent any future oiling issues. To get the car breathing better, a Lingenfelter Performance Engineering ported blower snout, pulley, and balancer went in as well as Lingenfelter’s heat exchange to replace the small factory piece.

With all of that additional oxygen going into the intake tract, the OEM exhaust needed a serious overhaul. A pair of Kooks 1-7/8″ long-tube headers and high-flow cats were installed as well as a Mild2Wild electronic exhaust cutout. Preventing a lean condition, are a quadrant of Fuel Injector Connection 1000cc injectors, and an MSD Boost-A-Pump. The car’s owner keeps an eye on engine vitals with Auto Meter Sport Comp 2 gauges and a Raptor Performance shift light.

Their work had paid off, and with 766 rwhp & 696 lb-ft. of twist hitting the rollers this Stage 3 ZL1 owner won’t have to worry about much competition in his neck of the woods, anytime soon!


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