VIDEO: Ordering Your American Powertrain Gearbox – We Show You How

One of the hottest classic muscle car trends, outside of LS swaps, is retrofitting them with a modern transmission for added streetability and performance. Sadly, many builders’ dreams falter while trying to plan a housing, harness, clutch, converter, mount, driveshaft, shifter, etc. combination. American Powertrain has stepped-in to keep our quick-shifting inclinations within grasp.

Buying most parts are as simple as selecting the correct year, make, and model, but retrofitting a transmission falls on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum. Starting with the quoting process, American Powertrain has a sales team trained in engines, clutches, flywheels and obviously transmissions that can put a package together based on your project goals. Next the order is placed to the shop for assembly or customization of the transmission and components. Finally, it is packed and shipped out to its new owner.

That’s where the story ends for most part purchases, but American Powertrain knows that the project is far from over and keeps detailed records of your combination for quick reference should a you need assistance. The tech center keeps its lines open until 7pm CST during the week and offers a callback service on the weekend to be available when the average joe is actually working on their project.

American Powertrain also has a unique warranty system for their transmissions. The 2-year warranty alone is great, but American Powertrain also waits until the transmission is installed before starting the warranty period. To signal the installation of the transmission, the builder simply measures for the custom driveshaft included with the package and gives the specs to American Powertrain for production.

The quote and ordering process for parts may be an afterthought in the minds of builders, but American Powertrain understands the builders needs and has created a method that simply works.


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