VIDEO: Could This Be the New Quickest C7Z?

Ever since the new C7 Z06 was unleashed, the race has been on (literally) to claim the title of the ‘fastest’, the ‘quickest’, etc. We’ve been watching a few expert builders really bring it in this battle, but a new competitor has just stepped forward — and it could be the quickest recorded C7Z to date.

This monster from Horsepower Addicts was caught on film laying down a 9.814 at 141 mph at the Cecil County Dragway in Maryland. The car is modified with an Innovators West lower pulley,  aFe cold air intake, Corsa x-pipe, drag radials, and a custom tune.

When it takes off from the line, you can tell that the traction is totally on point. It also looks pretty chilly, so the conditions were likely pretty close to perfect.

Everything came together, the mods, the driver, the weather, the track, and they got their C7Z to go as quick as we can tell any other C7Z has gone, yet.

That’s not to say it’s the fastest in the 1/4-mile, that title still appears to belong to Vengeance Racing. Their Arctic White C7Z reached 151-miles per hour in the quarter, with a 10.02 pass. LMR is just narrowly trailing both in the quickest and fastest. Their C7Z recently hit 142.06 miles per hour with a 9.817 ET. in the 1/4-mile. The Horsepower Addicts 141 miles per hour accomplishment keeps us from calling it the fastest, since that’s not technically correct, quickest, yes.

That’s how fierce the competition with these amazing cars is getting, it’s going down to thousandths of a second in 1/4 mile times, and 10th/100ths of a second in trap speed. We wonder how long it will be until the next competitor steps up? Or maybe one of the big guys in the game already have something up their sleeves — either way, we can’t wait to watch it all play out!


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