VIDEO: Mr. Syclone Just Doesn’t Quit!

The ’91 GMC Syclone is a one-year only turbocharged powerhouse from GM, that we wish could have stayed in production and evolved – as least throughout the production run of the Sonoma in which it was based. The killer combination of all-wheel drive and its 280 hp turbocharged 4.3L V6 was enough to send Ferrari’s halo car at the time, the 348, back to Italy. Even in the rain.

An SUV variant, called the Typhoon, would ultimately stand in for the Syclone in ’92 and ’93, providing 95% percent of the Syclone’s performance and equally the same amount of potential, with a much improved practicality formula. Here we are some twenty-five years later, and they’re still coveted around the world.

That’s not an exaggeration, either, as our friends overseas are just as enthusiastic about the boosted compact pickup as much as us Yanks. There is one MrSyclone-1example, in particular, that has been making waves all over Sweden for over ten years. Owned by Robert Pothorcki, also known as “Mr. Syclone,” the truck has gone as quick as 8.7 at 162 mph in the quarter-mile.

Since Robert bought the truck in ’92, it has undergone continuous transformations over the years. It has recently emerged again on YouTube, and we even wrote a little ditty on this very truck once before. In the latest installment, we get to see just what a 1,000-plus horsepower Syclone looks like on the street. From its all-wheel drive burnouts to it’s faster than lightning (pun intended) highway fly-by, this truck is one serious contender, no matter where it’s at in the world.


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