VIDEO: Motorweek Review – Callaway Camaro ZL1 SC750

The 6th-generation Camaro has quickly become one impressive vehicle; small, nimble, quicker and lighter than its predecessor. Powered by the supercharged 650 hp LT4 mill, the ZL1 leaves the book wide open in terms of increased potential.

Tuners have already taken to them in droves, utilizing numbers combinations that put their own style of customization in terms of style and sheer performance. Callaway Cars is only one of many, but they take the subtle path that’s a stark contrast to some of the cars that they’ve built in the past.

On the Callaway ZL1, you won’t find loud colors, custom bodywork or over the top interiors. But rather, a very under-the-radar approach that will separate the car from others in the field.

Gone is the stock supercharger, and in its place is a larger unit with additional cooling, more boost and some tuning with the stock ECU. The suspension has been left stock, as have the brakes and the gearing.

Motorweek claims that the stock suspension is more than up to the task, but watching the car around the circuit, we would probably throw on some aftermarket bars, stickier rubber and more track-oriented brake pads.

The only cosmetic changes you’ll notice on the Callaway SC750, is the cut-out hood, “Callaway” badging, “SC750” badging on the grilles, dashboard, door seals, and under the hood, with the custom carbon fiber fuel rail covers.

The Callaway SC750 is a $15k cost over the sticker of a “normal” ZL1, some may question the value of the performance it lays down. But how do you put a price on owning a legitimate Callaway-tuned animal like the SC750 ZL1?

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