VIDEO: MotorWeek Retro Review 1998 Mustang Cobra Vs Camaro Z28 SS

The MotorWeek Retro Reviews have provided us gearheads with a look at our favorite cars in a unique way. We get to see them through the eyes of some of the very first reviewers/journalists before every journalist in the world did their own review in the years to follow. For the most part, they are pretty predictable, like I said, there have been plenty of comparisons and articles on pretty much the exact road tests were done over and over again since, but this one in particular…it kind of made us raise an eye.

In the late 90s, the 5.7 LS1 V8 stepped on the scene, first in the 1997 Corvette, and then the 1998 F-Bodies. The Mustang competitor for that year was powered by a 4.6L DOHC V8. Most people who were around the car scene during this time know this one is pretty much settled. At the risk of starting a full-blown e-war, someone who was seeking the best in performance would have to go with the LS1 powered F-Body, after all, there is a reason people swap LS engines into just about everything…including Mustangs.

So what does this video have to say that made us have to do a double take? For one, when they start the drag race, the Mustang seems to get an incredible launch while the Camaro seems to be sleeping on the line. The Mustang ends up taking this race, but you’d be hard pressed to find that happening many times in reality.

They also get pretty heavy handed when it comes to talking about the appearance of the Mustang, something that’s largely up to the individual to decide. Another thing that makes us question the review is that the Camaro was given credit for being a great track car, but they insinuate that it’s an inferior street car than the Cobra, which is an unusual observation to make.

The Camaro also had more power and a better price point, yet this is ‘too close to call’ according to the review.

What this reminds us of that’s happening now are these comparisons between the new Camaro ZL1 and GT350R, where the ZL1 is clearly the superior car, but so many reviewers just can’t let the Camaro have its earned glory.

Would you buy a 1998 Cobra over an LS1 equipped Camaro?

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