VIDEO: LS3 Engine Build Time Lapse

Building an engine is when artistic and technical ability come together. There’s so many components that have to come together to make the engine run perfectly. In this video, we get to see a start to finish LS3 engine build happen in less than five minutes.

This whole project started when the builder bought a Pontiac G8 GT — complete, with a broken L76. Off came the accessories and heads, and then the engine was plucked from the G8’s engine bay. With the L76 out of the engine bay — it was time for a swap — but let’s talk about the L76 for a minute.

The 6L L76 engine is no slouch, with 360 hp on tap from General Motors. It’s a few grand cheaper than the LS3 and just as easy enough to beef up as any LS-variant that’s out there. The biggest gripe is the pesky displacement-on-demand, but there are plenty of ways around that. With that being said, this engine was completely toast. We’re not entirely sure why they tore down the L76, considering the immediately apparent damage to the block (there was, after all, a massive hole in the block). There was no salvaging the L76, so on to the LS3.

First up was assembling the rods and pistons at the work bench, then on to the gorgeous, brand new LS3 block on the stand. The bottom assembly goes in, then it’s turned over to place the pistons and rods. As they flip the engine time and time again to complete one task after another, they finally get the short block put together.

Now comes the easier parts, dressing the engine with the cylinder heads, throwing all of the covers, accessories, bolt-ons, etc. on and installing the new engine in the G8. After some heat cycling and seating of the rings, we get to hear the engine roar, and it sounds awesome. Now if only it was so simple every time! The machining and balancing was done by Automotive Machine in Michigan. Parts came from LingenfelterSummit Racing, an Katech, and tuning of the ECU and TCU was completed by Solomon Calibration.


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