VIDEO: Looking Sinister in a LS-Powered IROC-Z

VimeoVIMEO-2 is a place where sprouting videographers can share their talents with the world at little to no cost to the subscriber. It’s also a place where you can dig up awesome footage of really awesome cars.

Such is the case with this gem we dug up, featuring an IROC-Z Camaro cruising around New Mexico, flexing its muscles at the world. Never gaining much respect until recently, 3rd-Gen Camaros are finally coming into their own with the popular LS engine swap.

Taking power and technology to levels almost unheard of from their original powerplants, making such an upgrade can transform your ’80s-era pony car into a powerhouse with tons of potential, reliability, and to a lesser extent, even fuel economy. In our opinion, if you have a tired old 305 or 350 in your wore out IROC, GTA, or “lesser” F-body, this upgrade highly recommended.


VIMEO-4While little is known about this particular car, its engine, the owner, or even the cameraman (Sean Briggs), one thing is for certain; a car like this certainly stands out.

We like this example, in its all-black, sinister attire, and it’s rough around the edges demeanor; it seems to go quite well with the car’s owner, who stops halfway through the film to smoke a butt.

The footage offers little in terms of specification details, however, we think it will inspire more F-body owners to get in the garage and do the same. Your car doesn’t have to be perfect, but personalizing it to your own tastes is what it’s all about! Build it, tune it, cruise it, race it, and most of all, enjoy it!


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