VIDEO: Jay Leno Takes the C8 Z06 For a Spin

We’ve been following Jay Leno and his YouTube channel for several years, and while not every single episode tickles our fancy, this one did — one that spotlights the 2023 Corvette Z06. Jay is no stranger to Corvette; owning several and having driven countless others for his YouTube channel and for the last few decades as he’s established relationships with industry professionals.

With Chevrolet unveiling the 2023 Z06 just last week, we knew that the Jay Leno review would be following up shortly thereafter. With a unique 5.5L DOHC V8 that features a flat-plane crank design, it cranks out 670hp naturally-aspirated.

Dubbed the LT6, it’s an engine that is completely unique in its design. We’ve covered the official breakdown from Chevrolet in a previously-published article here.

For this particular video Aaron Link, a General Motors engineer, walks Jay through the ins and outs of the car, pointing out the features and technological differences between it, and the base/Z51 Corvette. From the additional aero, to the wider fenders and rear quarter panels, it’s all covered in this clip. There’s been a 100-pound diet implemented into the recipe,  which is greatly due to the help of carbon fiber and other lightweight components.

We could go into all of the details through text on this page, but instead, we’ll let Aaron and Jay elaborate further.

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