VIDEO: Generation Gap – 1970 Olds Vista Cruiser vs. 2012 Ferrari FF

Wow, talk about an interesting face-off. Following on the heels of the SSR vs. ’70 El Camino SS 454, Davin and Matt of Hagerty utilize the Lingenfelter Collection once again to compare a 1970 Oldsmobile station wagonĀ against a 2-year old Ferrari FF. Sound like an unfair comparison? For this episode of Generation Gap, don’t be so sure…

As it turns out, that 45-year old OldsmobileĀ station wagon is a Vista Cruiser built as a 442-tribute (Olds never actually produced a 442 wagon) packingĀ a 650hp Edelbrock/Lingenfelter supercharged 6.2L LS3. Sitting behind that LS powerhouse in an honest-to-goodness Tremec 6-speed manual gearbox, and underneath, is an Ridetech Air RideĀ Suspension package, massive Wilwood discĀ brakes at all four corners, and Weld Racing S74 RT-S wheels.

It’s Italian competitor on the other hand, is also equipped with a 650hp engine (thereabouts), except it accomplishes that feat much differently. Ā Utilizing a naturally-aspirated, direct-injected 6.3L V12, all-wheel GGOLDS-3drive, and a 7-speed, double-clutch, semi-automatic paddle-shiftĀ transmission, it’s definitely different in every way from its classic American counterpart.

So how do they stack up against one another? Truthfully, they couldn’t be further apart if if each car was on opposite ends of the galaxy. We are talking about a very modern, essentially brand new Ferrari squaring off against an old-school, half-century old American station wagon with a swapped-in, blown C6 Vette engine.

While we won’t spoil the video, (after all, the idea for you is to watch it), we will say that the Olds “442” Vista Cruiser is certainly our choice. Not because it’s GM, LS-powered, or because we simply fall in love with the thing every time we see it in person, but because it’s just so dang wicked!

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