VIDEO: Free Up The Induction of Your 2019+ Silverado with an S&R CAI

With many popular muscle card going the way of the do-do bird, like the Charger, Challenger, and the Camaro (for now), more and more enthusiasts are hopping up their trucks with the same type of speed parts that have been popular on muscle cars for decades.

Whether you’re talking about exhaust systems, suspension upgrades, brake upgrades, wheel and tire combos, and so on, you can do just about anything to a truck to make it your own. Our friends at AmericanTrucks have been doing a fantastic job of keeping the needs of Silverado and Sierra owners met, with cosmetic and performance, to wheel, brake and upgrades and components to make your truck more usable as, well, a truck!

But one of the first things us truck guys (your author included) like to upgrade under the hood, is the induction system. The stock air box and inlet tube do a decent job of feeding air into the throttle body, but it is limited in terms of optimizing performance. Plus, the look and style of the inlet tube itself also has Federal drive-by noise regulations in mind, so it does have a slight effect on peak horsepower and torque output.

So if you’re looking for every ounce of power from your truck, especially after you upgrade key engine components such as the intake manifold, throttle body, cylinder heads, and our favorite, a camshaft, then a cold-air induction system will certainly be beneficial. Plus, they look a lot better, and help with the overall soundtrack to the vehicle.

Follow along as our friends from AmericanTrucks install one on a 2019+ Chevy Silverado.

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