VIDEO: Fourth-Gen Camaro Leaves a GT-R in the Dust

The R35, or latest generation of Nissan GT-R, is known as Godzilla for a reason. The powerhouse from Japan seems to stomp on everything that comes across its path and has become a sort of measuring stick to see just how fast your car really is. Big power and incredible launching ability sets this monster ahead of the rest, but this RWD Chevrolet has a little something to say about that.

In this video that we dug up from the crevices of the Internet, we witness Godzilla himself face off with what looks to be a mildly modified fourth generation Chevrolet Camaro. Seems like it would be like taking candy from a baby for the GT-R.

From the factory, the Camaro is the obvious underdog, but from what we understand, this Camaro has a little bit of  in its step. The build consists of nothing more than a simple cam setup and a nice,Z28vsGTR hefty stall converter, but still manages to launch like a rocket.

This combination is good enough to not only beat Godzilla, but send him back to where he came from!

Normally, the ingeniously engineered AWD system implemented by the Nissan would provide a sizable advantage for the car, especially in the first sixty feet or so. That most definitely isn’t the scenario in this one as the Camaro leaps out to a sizable advantage right from the start.

Check out the video above as the 13+ year-old GM product puts a bus lengths on the latest and greatest that Nissan has to offer off the line. It’s amazing how much basic modifications can wake up the monster that lies beneath.

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