VIDEO: Formula C — Corvette Drifting!

It’s not always about the fastest way from A to B.

Full disclosure: yes, tires were harmed in the making of this video of what appears to be a standard C7 Corvette stretching its’ legs.  It is no secret the seventh generation ‘Vette is a very capable machine in base trim, much less the Z06 with the Supercharged LT4 that puts out a whopping 650hp from the box.  

While it isn’t clear what, if any, modifications have been done to this C7Z, it is very clear it has more than what it takes to have fun.  Whether you are chasing lap times around your local road course, cutting down your ETs at the strip, or out for “style points”, these cars will not disappoint!

This was shot at Harris Hill Raceway outside Austin, Texas and the course features just the kind of sweeping long turns one looks for in a location to kill a set of tires. This provides driver Harrison Johnson all the room and track he needs to turn much of this course into one continuous line of sweet, sweet opposite lock.

Now, with such a fine piece of automotive engineering and a dreamy raceway, the right hands for the job can really show how impressive these cars are.  Harrison Johnson is a killer example of this.  As a guy who barely looks old enough to get behind the wheel, last year he earned his Formula-D Pro 2 license and he drives like he has something to prove.  

This video showcases his ability to really shred when given the proper tools! We definitely look forward to seeing more of what both driver and vehicle have in store for the future.  This seems to be just the beginning for both.


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