VIDEO: Drifting a 2019 Tahoe RST — Seriously!

Although it’s been quite some time since GM has produced a proper high performance SUV for the masses, they are working with what they already have in the Tahoe RST (Rally Street Truck).

Coming to the showroom with a 420hp/460-lb ft. L86 LT-based V8 engine, 10-speed automatic gearbox, beefed-up Mag Ride suspension, larger Brembo brakes, 22-inch wheels, a Borla-engineered performance exhaust and a larger air cleaner, it’s essentially a very well-equipped Tahoe with performance attributes.

Looking to drive the appeal of the RST further, Chevrolet cooked up the idea to toss the keys of one example over to famed and talented drift racer, Ahmad Daham, to show off some of the full-sized SUV’s performance attributes. While not really used to wheeling such a large vehicle (he’s more at home in his Camaro), Daham manages to keep us entertained.

With a few quick spins of the steering wheel, the Tahoe gets sideways, while roasting its hides around the bends of the Yas Marina Circuit. The RST displayed poise, stability and an evident entertainment factor that couldn’t be produced by mere, entry-level Tahoes. The soundtrack isn’t bad, either.

As a package, the nice blend of black accents and body color trim pieces provide an overall aggressive persona, that’s not too over-the-top for what will usually be used as a daily-driver. Of course, with that 6.2L LT-based mill under the hood, the SUV is ripe for some serious performance upgrades. If it were ours, we’d install a set of ported heads, a boost-friendly bumpstick and a Roots-blower. More than likely a set of headers, too, because why not?

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re on our way to the Chevy dealership down the street!

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