VIDEO: Don’t Count the GTO Out of the Performance Game

Some call it the car that killed Pontiac, others call it their dream car, and everyone knows it as the modern run of the GTO. While its success is up for debate, depending on who you ask, the GTO didn’t live up to the numbers during its initial run, but how is it doing as a used car? Sadly, it’s still not really getting the love it deserves. When this 2006 GTO stopped by for an episode of One Take, it proved just why the GTO still shouldn’t be counted out.

This particular GTO has the stock 6.0L LS2 engine with cam, FAST LSXR 102mm intake, CAI, long-tube headers, and SpinTech exhaust system — the setup makes about 460 RWHP. It rides on 3-way adjustable BC Racing coilovers, and a set of Federal RSR tires make it a very grippy car. The Billet Pro JHP shifter makes for very short shifts, and the dual AeroForce gauges let the driver know exactly what’s going on as they act as an on-board diagnostic center.

The owner participates in autocross and is able to keep up with some of the more nimble sports compact cars. This is easy to believe since it has the independent rear suspension, unlike the F-Bodies. While weight might be a disadvantage, it certainly makes up for that in power. These cars aren’t limited to autocross though, there’s plenty of GTO’s dominating at the drag strip. Pontiac knocked it out of the park with the GTO’s interior, it’s one of the very few GM cars that doesn’t need much help in that department.

This GTO is a great representation of the GTO community. It’s the first one that’s made it on the show — an audio issue prevented a previous car from making it on prior. It seemed to really impressed Matt Farrah during the California winter drive.

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