VIDEO: CT6 Sneak Peeked During the 87th Annual Ocsars

Over the last several decades, Cadillac has lost the market it once held a firm grip on; the ultra high-end, uber-luxury crowd who have long since abandoned their Caddies for cars from Mercedes, BMW and now even Audi. They’ve made half-hearted attempts at this overtime, with cars like the STS, Catera (seriously?), and early renditions of the CTS – with mixed results.

Despite this, reports have been coming in for months about the all-new Cadillac flagship sedan, reportedly dubbed the CT6, that’s destined to square off toe-to-toe against the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the BMW 7-series. Apparently, Cadillac isn’t taking things ever-so-lightly, anymore.

Rumored to be powered by a choice of a V6 or a V8, the supposed XTS replacement will utilize an aluminum body for weight savings and better fuel economy while offering interior refinement and luxury appointments never before seen an any American car, including Cadillac.

We suspect the V6 in question will be the twin-turbo version (producing 420-450 hp) currently offered in the ATS-V, CTS Vsport and existing XTS. When you consider that the CT6’s entry level V6 could be bringing that kind of power to the table , we can only assume that the V8 in question will be the supercharged LT4. At least it will have to be if Cadillac is seriously going to take on the full-sized Germans.

CT6peek-2However, we won’t know anything for sure until the car is officially unveiled in New York City on March 31st. But if you were watching the Oscars on Sunday, then you would have been among the lucky few [million] that would have caught a glimpse of it.

During one of the commercial breaks, Cadillac filled a 30-second slot showcasing some of the most talented, risk-taking public figures in the world using their stories as metaphors to help relaunch their brand and reinvent their image that has been really morphing since 2002 or so. Those socialites include, Jason Wu, Anne Wojcicki, Njeri Rionge, Richard Linklater, and Steve Wozniak.

The soundtrack to the commercial was something unlike any other Cadillac commercial in recent years. Ten years ago, it was “Rock N’ Roll,” by Led Zeppelin. Now it’s “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” performed by french opera singer Edith Piaf. Things are certainly changing around Cadillac, and we hope that they’re successful in regaining the target audience that they had lost so many years ago.


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