VIDEO: Corvette and Supra Duke in Out in Russian Winter Drift

Oh Russia, you’re so crazy! You know when a video was filmed here, it’s going to be interesting. Now throw in a Chevy Corvette and Mk. IV Toyota Supra, some snow (duh, it’s Russia), and something cool (and dangerous) is bound to happen!

The heavily modified Supra and C6 Z06 face off in the Russian snow forest for a drift battle, and the result is every bit as ‘Russian’ as you’d expect. All of the rev limiter hitting, dramatic shots birds’ eye view perspectives, a loud in your face soundtrack, and the cars getting showy — it’s all there!

We’re not entirely sure why these cars are there, but we’re not entirely sure that matters. It’s a raw showdown of spy versus spy. There’s no clear winner, no loser, just some extreme drifting in this wintery wonderland. The cars get so close on the path, that we winced a few times, while the drivers probably barely cared. In Russia, drivers make cars nervous!

At a few points, we had to rewind and watch to make sure no contact was made, but it doesn’t appear that the two cars actually touch at any point. While it does look like the Supra has made contact with something in its life, the missing body pieces could very well be intentional. The sixth generation Corvette Z06 looks fine, a little snow covered, but no body damage. There is some sort of splitter/front bumper cage situation going on with the C6Z, we’re guessing that’s to keep the snow from piling up on the front end. Other than the questionable looks, both cars have obviously been drift prepped, the Supra clearly more so than the Corvette.

Pro tip: Turn your speakers way down if you aren’t a Kid Rock fan. Or crank them way up if you grew up in the ’80s/’90s and see how many words you remember of Bawitdaba you can recite, the choice is yours! While you’re at it, grab your vodka and watch these cars play roulette in the snow-covered pass. It leaves us with the promise that this is not over — we look forward to more from these two!


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