VIDEO: Centerforce Clutches Donimate at NMCA West

Images and Video, Courtesy of Centerforce Clutches

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last ten years, you should probably know that autocross and road racing have taken on a life of their own — especially on the West Coast. While dragstrips continue to shutter, especially in that particular part of the country, this “newly popular” form of racing competition continues to thriveĀ all over the world. Filled with an array of classic and modern muscle cars, and even some well-performing imports, autocross competition is certainly taking on a life of its own in recent years.

Hosted by quite a few organizations and even our colleaguesĀ in the performance automotive aftermarket, there seems to be no slowing it down. We’re even building a highly-competitive car for such racing in GM EFI Magazine as we speak!

Just recently, our friends at Centerforce Clutches paid a trip to NMCA West’s autocrossĀ event during the weekend of June 5-7, 2016 in Fontana, California.Ā Featuring someĀ of the most notable names in the sport, autocross brings a different form of racing to the mainstream. Centerforce’s Will Baty, mentions in the above videoĀ that the competitionĀ is all about the fun and the experience. JDP Motorsports‘ Jordan Priestley, adds that he prefers Centerforce’s clutches, as they tend to be lighter, more responsive and they offer better reliability, drivability and an OEM feel with the “bite of a good aftermarket clutch.”

Although there are plenty of options out there available, it should be noted that Centerforce is just one outlet to consider for you clutch choices — whetherĀ it’s for autocross, road course or street/strip. If you’re interested in learning more about autocross, or want to see the NMCA event in person, be sure to check out the remaining dates here.


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