VIDEO: Camaro SS F-Body Proves Itself to Non-Believer

Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire has a tendency to drive other people’s cars for his video show. While Matt isn’t typically a F-Body fan (yeah we’re a little stumped, too), he’s seems pretty into this Camaro, and rightfully so. The Camaro’s owner, Mitch, has modified this LS1-powered SS with a set of LS6 heads, an LS6 cam, Stage 2 Tick Performance T-56 and all kinds of suspension upgrades, including Eibach springs. It’s also got big brakes, and 305 section tires on all four corners.

The car has quite a growl when they crank it up, and the F-Body hating Matt is eager to take off. As he drives, he explains that having the same size tires on all four corners offers a lot of benefit when it comes to handling in the turns, especially for muscle cars, as it eliminates understeer. Matt also notes that the shifter feels good, and just like with every other 4th-gen F-Body, the steering is very responsive.

As they travel along Big Tujunga Canyon Road, Matt notes that there’s very few squeaks and rattles, “especially for an F-Body,” and the polite owner of the car seems to agree. Maybe he’s just been riding in the wrong F-Bodies, so we’ll let the comments slide.

Mitch notes that his car makes around 500 horsepower at the flywheel, with 120k miles on the clock. He has plans to pull the current engine, and replace it with a built LSX soon because he’s gotten “use to the 500 horsepower.”

Mitch and Matt go on to note that the aftermarket segment is great for F-Body owners. They also discuss how well the cars do in the 1/4-mile, but you guys already knew that. The Camaro does well through the winding road, it’s got great power and handling, and Matt seems to come to his senses by the end of the video, agreeing that there are some F-Bodies out there that makes great examples that prove they have good build quality after all. Really, the only thing that surprises us about this video is how many cars voluntarily pull to the side to let them pass, does that happen in real life?

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