VIDEO: Caddy ATS TURBO With ACS Trimmings

In the last few years, the car scene has changed dramatically. No longer an “Us vs. Them” climate, the lines have been blurred to the point that it all just comes down to what you really like.

These days, you have LS V8-powered imports dominating the drift competitions, and turbocharged 4-cylinder Cadillacs just a few bolt-ons away from collecting 12-second timeslips. But one thing that hasn’t changed, is the desire to personalize your performance car.

Advanced Composite Specialties (ACS) understands this, and as a result, offer cosmetic upgrades for your 2005-2015 C6 and C7 Corvette, 2010-2015 Camaro, 2007-2014 Escalade, and last but not least, the 2012-2015 Cadillac ATS.ATS-1

The latter of which, has been quickly gaining traction in the performance and tuning world, thanks to its 272 hp and 260 lb-ft. (295 lb-ft. for 2015!) turbocharged, DOHC 2.0L 4-cylnder. With a tunable 321 hp naturally-aspirated V6 also available, and you can see why today’s generation of enthusiasts are quickly picking these cars up.ATS-4

In the case of ACS, their attention is more focused on cosmetics, as mentioned earlier, and they offer a selection of styling upgrades that give the entry-level Caddy an increased sense of street cred.

We ran across this short video, featuring “Smurfkiller’s” 2014 ATS Turbo sedan. Featuring an ACS front splitter and side skirts, as well as Lenso EX20 wheels and massive Brembo brakes, this little Cadillac has a big boy attitude all its own.


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