VIDEO: C7 Z06 Takes on Shelby GT500 and Challenger Hellcat

When a new car is released onto the market, especially one with the stature of the Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06, it comes to us as human nature to compare it to any and everything that falls within a million mile radius of said automobile. While we don’t necessarily condone that you fight your battles on the street, this was a release showcasing just that and we had to share it with you!

Where better to start recruiting than with some of the best that the competition has to offer? One doesn’t have to do much digging to see that the two closest opponents from the remainder of the Big Three come in the form of a 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat and a 2014 Shelby GT500.

In this bout, it actually almost looks like the Corvette comes in as the underdog as it makes 650hp at the flywheel, the lowest of the three with the Challenger topping the group with an astonishing 707hp, but we all know that the difference in weight could more than make up for it. This is especially true when you take a look at the Hellcat’s scale readout at just over 4400lbs.

When they finally did take to the streets, the Corvette found itself next to the Challenger for round one. After a series of races, we still can’t figure out which of these cars takes the cake in a speed competition. While the Corvette managed to beat up on the Mopar, the Challenger returned the favor. Heck, there was even a race in there where they were dead even. We will leave that decision up to you.

As for round two, the Challenger and Shelby went head to head. The first result was an overpowering win for the Hellcat due to the Shelby spinning hard, but after airing down the tires, the cars yet again hung pretty much even to within a nose. We’re not sure why the Corvette and Shelby didn’t square up, but from the looks of the last race, it would have most likely been more of the same door to door action.

We know that you rely on GM EFI for sound advice when it comes to making the right decision, but in this rare case we aren’t sure which car stands out from the pack when it comes to roll racing. If there’s one conclusion that we can draw for sure, it’s that 2015 is a grand time to be alive if you’re an aficionado of the American muscle car in general. Take a look at the video above and be prepared for an epic series of races. A police officer even decides to join in on the fun.

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