VIDEO: C7 with MSD Intake, Heads, E85 Built by Vengeance Engine

After some issues with a supercharger on top of a stock bottom end combo, the owner of this C7 Stingray needed a little help. He traveled from Utah to Cumming, GA and let the crew at Vengeance Racing do their magic. What he ended up with is an extremely reliable naturally aspirated engine that makes enough horsepower to make anyone happy with their street car.

After some planning and a lot of discussion, the car’s owner and VR team agreed that a tough N/A engine was the right way to go with this Corvette. To make it reliable, powerful, and torquey throughout the power band, a Vengeance Stage 5 package seemed like a logical choice.

For this build, a forged 416 cubic-inch engine was called up to bat. Used in this engine are Callies Performance Products internals, and a set of custom Wiseco pistons. The valvetrain was set up using a set of VR CNC-ported LT1 cylinder heads, VR billet core custom ground camshaft and DOD delete.

To help the stroked LT1 breathe, American Racing Headers , MSD Performance AirForce intake manifold, and an aFe POWER cold air intake system were thrown on this engine. The MSD AirForce intake seems to be gaining popularity in the LT1 community — the results we’ve seen so far are very impressive, so we’re not surprised it was used on this build.

Vengeance equipped the car with one of their flex-fuel sensor kits so it can run on the owner’s choice of 93-octane pump gas or E85 fuel. The results on the dyno were 573 horsepower and 509 lbs.-ft. of torque to the wheels — that runs through a 7-speed manual transmission.

Other Specs Include:

  • Coated Bearings
  • Block Modified for LS Thrust bearing
  • VR Dual Spring Kit
  • VRHardened Pushrods
  • Katech C5R Timing Chain
  • High Performance Lifters
  • Camshaft Phaser Limiter
  • GM Head Bolts
  • GM MLS Head Gaskets
  • GM Crank Bolt
  • Trunion Upgrade
  • GM Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
  • VR High Temp Heat Protective Heat Sleeves
  • 160º Thermostat
  • Dexcool Coolant
  • Royal Purple HPS Oil
  • AC Delco Filter
  • Spark Plugs
  • VR Gen V Catch Can
  • Complete Professional Installation
  • Complete Street/Dyno ECU Calibration
  • Nick Williams Gen V 102mm Throttle Body
  • GM LT4 Fuel Pump and Injectors
  • Dewitt High Performance Radiator
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