VIDEO: BP Automotive Customer Joe Farrell And His Trans Am At 2020 Holley LS Fest

Almost right up until the week before, many people were unsure if this year’s Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green, KY was even going to happen. Watching LS Fest West be rescheduled, and then canceled entirely for 2020, it was hard not to be a little nervous about the East Coast event, but it went on this weekend, and was one of the best ones yet!

While we’ve got the coverage of the event coming at you, one of our favorite aspects is getting to know the people who were at the event but the interviews and car coverage that comes after. Such is the case in this video, made by BP Automotive which profiles a car owned by one of their customers.

Bill Hillock, former active Marine and current wiring expert, caught up with Joe Farrell to see how he feels about his BP harness, and what the story is behind the build. The reason Joe chose the BP wiring harness for his second-generation Trans Am is because of the cost effective, ease of use to make the car’s wiring harness work with the beefy LS6 engine swapped into the car.

Joe turned out to be very satisfied with the product once he installed it, calling it “Great, simple, and easy,” after admitting that he’s not an experienced expert with wiring, but also noting that the harness install was one of the easiest parts of the whole build.

Other than using a BP Automotive wiring harness to make fuel injection much easier, it has a Pro-Touring suspension, Wilwood brakes, custom Dakota gauges, molded ABS door panels, and custom seats. Under the hood are all handmade aluminum panels to dress up the engine bay

Everything about this car still looks like a 1977 Trans Am, with nothing over the edge to make it look much different than the original design, but it does feature upgrades throughout, some subtle, some substantial. All-in-all, it is a great build, that was buttoned up with ease thanks to the help from BP Automotive.

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