VIDEO: Boosting a C7 with the Help of ProCharger and Snow Performance

There’s no denying the potential of a C7 Corvette in its stock format; with over 450 hp on tap right from the factory and a vast aftermarket already behind it, the sky is pretty much the limit on what you can do with these cars.Ā That leaves the realm of possibilities open to all forms of boost, including that from ProCharger.

Obviously a big player in the market of power adders and forced induction, finding a ProCharger centrifugal blower under the hood of a late-model Corvette or Camaro is pretty fairly commonplace these days. As it turns out, we stumbled across yet another one through the magic of YouTube, and we felt that it was interesting enough to pass along to our readers.

This particular example, a 2014 C7 Stingray, packs a D1SC supercharger housing with an upgraded exhaust system, aĀ HP Tuners software tune and a recently installedĀ Snow PerformanceĀ methanol kit. The idea behind this particular install, was to add additional horsepower to the car but without cranking up the boost of the blower or interfering with the direct-injection.

While our friends Erik and Joe from the House of Boost (featured in the above video) aren’t willing to openly tell the viewers exactly how much power the C7Ā is putting down, we have word that it’s well north of 600 hp to the tires — which is a given, providedĀ how well the previousĀ LS3 responded to such modifications. However, what we can tell you that it’s operating on 8.9-psi. of boost and the aforementioned meth kit increased output by 54 horsepower to the rear tires.

Now keep in mind, that this is a basically a bolt-on C7 with a blower — the LT1 hasn’t even been opened up yet! So once you port the heads, install a boost-friendly camshaft and crank up the boost a little further and you’ll be closing in on nearly 1,000 horsepower in no time!

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