VIDEO: BMR Suspension and Drifting with Michael Essa

Michael Essa is a 2013 Drift Champion, and he debuted his 2013 Camaro for the 2015 Formula Drift season soon after joining forces with BMR Suspension. The pairing seemed natural because Essa needed suspension stability in a sport that’s focused on predictability in control and handling. Formula Drift is a sport where the key to getting a car to act how you need it to, is in the suspension. Champion driver, Essa, explains why BMR Suspension was the best choice for his car.

“We’re taking cars that are 800-1000 hp, we’re dialing in lots of grip and forcing them into these power slides,” Essa states. It’s seems like a bit of an odd combination to those who aren’t familiar, but it’s made for some great competition and spectator entertainment. Essa gives credit to the BMR suspension components for offering the ability to dial in the suspension settings, and getting it track ready.

The last thing the team wants on Essa’s car is flexing control arms, bushings that will give, and anything else that will compromise the control. Having the best suspension is absolutely crucial in drifting, and if the suspension won’t hold the setting, you can’t expect to get the best grip possible. Basically, there’s just no room for error in such a competitive setting where cars are constantly coming within inches of each other.

When you’re spending the majority of the time on the controlling the ‘loss’ of control, avoiding the cars, avoiding the walls, and barely being able to see what’s in front of you, there’s no time to worry about suspension. Your suspension must react how you expect it to, or you’re toast. It’s not even just about avoiding collision, it’s about winning. If BMR Suspension is good enough for champ Michael Essa, it’s easy to trust them on street cars to full blown competition race cars.


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