VIDEO: AmericanTrucks Review the 2019 Silverado 1500

Over the course of the last year, the internet has been flooded with footage, mixed reviews, varying opinions and general overall reaction from everyone regarding the 2019 Silverado 1500. 

Featuring all-new sheetmetal, new wheels, updated interior, and new drivetrain options, the 2019 Silverado has plenty to offer the truck buyer who’s looking for a strong workhorse, a tough off-roader or a daily driver with tons of utility.

While we still have yet to get our hands one to test ourselves, our friends over at AmericanTrucks have, and they give us a very thorough review of all the new updates for the next generation Silverado. While we usually prefer to perform these reviews ourselves, we do appreciate a well thought out presentation, and everyone’s opinion on the controversial design.

Being a complete fresh sheet of paper design, we’re already curious as to what developments the mid-life styling update will bring, as well as what kind of special editions we can look forward to with the fourth-generation Silverado. Meanwhile, let’s watch the clip from AmericanTrucks!

Official Release: 

PAOLI , Pa. (October 30th, 2018) – In this episode of AmericanTrucks’ (AT) “The Haul”, Adam Maqboul has the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado LT All Star Edition in the AT garage for a complete review, walkaround and test drive. Adam highlights all the new features in the 2019 model, pointing out improvements in styling and functionality across the board.

Join Adam as he takes an in-depth journey in, around, and underneath the new 2019 Silverado. He explains the updated truck’s benefits as well as the new materials used to shave almost 500-lbs. off from its predecessor.

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