VIDEO: AmericanTrucks Installs a Borla Catback Exhaust on a 2019+ Silverado

Trucks are all of the rage; it doesn’t matter which manufacturer you turn to, all of their sales are through the roof and their popularity’s never been higher. As a result, the aftermarket support for these trucks has been immense.

You can chalk it up to all sorts of reasons; from their utility, to their towing/hauling capabilities and naturally, the endless ways that you can modify them. fLift kits and brush guards are always a popular choice, but the “Day Two mod” always seems to be a catback exhaust system. After all, what good is a truck that you can’t hear? That V8 rumble lends to its appeal, and there are plenty of options to choose from out there.

One popular choice, is the S-Type catback system from Borla. Designed to give you that perfect balance of additional horsepower, a nice throaty rumble, but without the drone or an exhaust that’s too obnoxious. Many truck owners live in the city, after all, so the last thing they need or want are the neighbors complaining.

The stainless steel design adds to its longevity, something else that’s important to truck owners everywhere. For 2019 and newer Silverado and Sierra, Borla makes a direct fit kit that adds the power, soundtrack, and corrosion resistant design that will last for years. All pipes are mandrel bent to fit your truck, and it clouds a stainless exhaust tip that adds to the outward aesthetic of your truck as well. Our friends over at AmericanTrucks have recently installed one of these kits into a current-generation Silverado, so let’s follow along to see how it went.


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