VIDEO: A 500 hp Trans Am WS6 for the Next Generation

As an automotive enthusiast it is easy to get comfortable or even confined in your particular niche based on vehicle type, modification styles, usage, or even simple geography. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, it never hurts to get a different perspective from someone outside your niche. So how about a review of a modified WS6 by a self-proclaimed import tuner from The Great White North with commentary by the owner, Ahmed, to keep your viewpoint in check?

This particular WS6 is really stout for a stock-cube car showing 470 HP to the wheels through a set of PRC heads and a custom 234/240 cam. Along with the head/cam swap, Ahmed has checked-off most bolt-ons and looked to BMR for springs, control arms, and sway bars. He even had the foresight to add a Strange 12-bolt for drivetrain longevity. While he wisely left the ignition components mostly stock, a Racetronix fuel pump and 36-lbs injectors keep things from getting too lean.

It is both interesting and unsettling to see what Marcus, the reviewer, and Ahmed like about the car. We’re from the old school, and remember these things when they were still brand new and on top of the food chain — even in stock form. Things are a little different today, and technology and performance has come a long way since the LS1 WS6 had first hit the streets in 1998.

We like the overall cosmetic updates seen on this example, which includes a 6LE Designs Q-Splitter up front and their rear diffusor out back. It provides not only a unique touch to the timeless lines of the ’98-02 WS6, but plenty of function as well. You can argue that the styling was essentially perfect from the factory, but we always felt the rear could have used something to fill in the section around the rear license plate and the front could benefit from some additional downforce. Ahmed addressed both of these issues, as well as bumped up the power under the hood to compete with today’s ‘Stangs, Camaros and Challengers. We think this car is on point for a WS6 living in 2016.


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