VIDEO: 11-second Chevy SS vs. 4th-Gen Camaro SS

The award for the, “Most Obscure Vehicle on the Market Right Now” from GM will have to go to the Chevy SS. Completely devoid of any mentionable form of marketing, the unassuming full-sized, 4000-lb., 415 hp LS3-equipped family sedan goes largely unnoticed on the street and on dealer’s lots. Chevrolet never had high production numbers in mind for the car, but it wouldn’t hurt to let enthusiasts and the average buyer alike know that they exist, either.

Apparently, they would much rather leave it up to guys like us to spread the word through extracurricular activities such as drag racing, and that’s exactly what we’ll have to do. We just dug up this video off of YouTube and it’s probably one of the first Chevy SS’ we’ve seen on big n’ littles – that’s deep in the 11s! Considering how rare these cars are, that’s not too common.

SSSS-1While the full list of modifications are unknown on this particular car (we’re open to leads, guys), the fact that it left a 4th-gen Camaro SS in the dust like it was parked was quite the surprise. All we do know, is that it’s packing nitrous and the aforementioned wheel and tire upgrade, thanks the default image of the video.

The times were pretty astonishing for a car of its weight; with a 1.704 60-ft. time, a 7.373 at 96.29 1/8th-mile and a quarter-mile time of 11.302 at 12.56 mph – with the Camaro trailing behind at 12.428 at 117.70 mph. Obviously, there’s a ton of potential left in both vehicles, but its pretty clear as to who’s putting down the bigger numbers in this battle. We’ve seen plenty of 7- and 8-second 4th-gens over the years, but we just hope Chevy sells more SS sedans for enthusiasts to buy and modify before the rumored end of production in 2017. In the meantime, we’ll be watching closely to see how far tuners take these cars in the coming years…


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