Former GM EFI Feature Colorado Hits Mecum


Typically reserved for premier classics and up and comers like the Buick GNXs and GMC Syclones of the world, Mecum Auctions will soon house our former GM EFI feature car, that once belonged to Scott Hamlin. After we featured the truck, Scott had let the truck go to pursue another project, and the new owner has decided to do the same, with the help of Mecum Auctions. Dubbed the “Colorado ZR1,” we first ran across the truck during last year’s Holley LS Fest, and the overall execution of the vehicle left us awestruck.

What many casual onlookers dismissedĀ as a “ZR1 Blue” Colorado with complimentary ZR1 rollers, we had a feeling it was much more. In turned out, we were correct. Packing a 370 cubic-inch LS with a blower borrowed from an LS9-powered Corvette ZR1, this Colorado immediately struck our heart strings. We ran a full feature on it several months ago, and you can read all about it here.

Of course, this wasn’t simply an LS-swapped and blown pickup truck with a Corvette theme; it was the whole package. Sitting squarely behind the 370 is a Tremec 6-speed with an American Powertrain shifter, Quicktime bellhousingĀ using and a Monster clutch. The brakes are on point with Wildwood 6-piston calipers and the entire suspension has been upgraded with hardware from BellTech.

There are other ZR1 attributes, too; the seats, emblems and even the rear spoiler are all borrowed from or styled after the ones found in the King of the Hill C6. It’s truly the whole package. If you’re interested in placing a bid on this late-model piece of history, then be sure to look into the Louisville Mecum Auction during the weekend of September 8-10 — under Lot F104. Happy bidding!


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