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Revitalizing the Passion for a Turbo Buick

To the late-model GM crowd, you’re either on one side of the fence or the other; you’re either in love with Turbo Buicks or you think they’re no longer relevant. You can argue that they were “fast for their time” and they’re a historical footnote in electronic fuel injection performance from General Motors, but we’ve “since moved onto bigger and better things.” However, plenty of today’s enthusiasts remain loyal and passionate about the Flint Flyer, including your author.

Despite their ’80s build quality, stodgy exterior exterior and lack of any real handling characteristics (an important need in a modern performance car), their mod-friendly turbo V6 offers loads of outright performance potential and the aftermarket is ripe with modifications for the picking.

Rich Townsend is one such person who has owned his ’87 Grand National for over twenty years, and almost considered moving on to another project. However, many friends in the community, especially Scot Walkowiak of GNS Performance, made him reconsider cutting the GN loose. Not one to jump on the various Turbo Buick drag racing classes that’s become sort of the norm in the community, Rich took Scot’s advice and decided to build an autocross contender.


Having loads of experience and insight, Scot recommended to Rich to swap out the antiquated OEM suspension for a blend of RideTech and Detroit Speed hardware — because let’s face it, even by 1987 standards, the stock components were undermatched for the power and performance of a stock GN.

Starting with the frame (which is rather weak in stock format), Rich stiffened the chassis with a Detroit Speed chassis brace for improved rigidity and strength. RideTech coil-overs, upper and lower A-arms along with front and front sway bar help the factory steering box navigate the car through the corners, while Ridetech coil-overs, Detroit Speed rear sway bar and upper and lower swing arms keep the rear planted to the pavement.

Under the hood, is a completely stock Grand National long block. The LC2 offers plenty of room for a huge power increase in its original format, but the magic is largely in the turbo boost level, fuel delivery, ECU calibration, and exhaust system.


The fuel system has been lightly massaged, too, and is imperative to improve upon even if you own an otherwise bone stock Turbo Buick. Rich upgraded his with a Walbro 340 pump, Kirban Performance regulator (42-psi.) and 42-lb. injectors.

Rich addressed all of these, by cranking the boost level of the stock Garrett turbo up to nearly 20-psi., installing an ATR 2.5-inch diameter stainless catback exhaust with Kooks mufflers, and ditching the restrictive stock downpipe for a 3-inch stainless piece. The stock coil pack remains, with a set of Moroso Ultra-40 plug wires providing the spark.

Induction is handled, via a 9-inch K&N cone filter, feeding through a 3-inch intake tube and MAF sensor, and into a stock throttle body. The intake manifold has been left alone, and the OEM exhaust manifolds are still in place. Which is fair enough, as they provide plenty of flow characteristics for around 600hp. The OE-style ECU remains, albeit, recalibrate by Brian Lorenz of Lorenz Racing and Performance. Rich wasn’t able to strap it down to the dyno, but after having a brief moment of seat time behind the wheel, your author feels confident it’s somewhere north of 400 horsepower.

Backing the lightly modified LC2 is a 200-4R, fortified with stronger internals by Janis Transmission and an Orange Stripe 3,000 stall converter. The strengthened gearbox allows for precise shifts and prolonged life, while the converter puts the GN into its powerband much quicker than what the stock converter could.

Great power and a killer suspension is only part of the formula, however, as a properly-built pro-touring car needs to have a very competent braking system, as well as rolling stock that can work with the suspension to keep the car planted in the corners. Rich decided upon a set of powdercoated Forgeline CV3C rollers, measuring in 18×8.5 in the front and 18×9.5 out back for his wheels of choice.ptgnx-10

Their lightweight forged design provide both functionality and strength, as well as allow Rich to ditch his puny stock binders for a set of Baer Brakes 14-inch rotors and 4-piston calipers.

Sticky Toyo Tires R888 rubber wrap the Forgelines, in very modern dimensions; 255/35/18 (front) 275/35/18 (rear). We have them on our Project Phoenix, and we can attest that they provide tremendous grip in the dry weather, and incredible performance around an autocross course.

Sitting out back, is a stock GN-spec GM 10-bolt rearend, that’s been rebuilt and improved with a Eaton Detroit TruTrac rearend. The stock 3.42 gears still remain, as just about any Turbo Buick guru will attest that the gear set is the perfect gearing for the LC2/200-4R gearbox combination.

On the exterior, the body has been left largely stock, with the exception of GNX fender vents and LED lighting, front and rear. The “Grand National” and “3.8 SFI Turbo” badges have been ditched entirely, and in their place went custom-made “GNX2” emblems, as a nod to the ultimate-performing Turbo Buick from the same year as Rich’s car. Rich explains this is his idea of what the ultimate, modern interpretation of what a Grand National should be.


On the inside, is largely standard-issue Grand National, with the addition of a two-gauge A-pillar pod, stuffed with a second-generation Scanmaster and a knock gauge. In addition, the entirely useless 85mph speedo, LED boost gauge and tachometer have all been ditched in favor of a custom gauge panel from GNS Performance. Included, you’ll find a 8,000RPM tachometer, 140-mph speedometer, oil pressure, boost, water temp, volt meter and fuel level gauges. The entire package looks great, and provides Rich with a competent cluster in which to monitor his engine’s vitals. Otherwise, the rest of the interior, including the seats, have been left entirely alone.

Rich’s dedication for his Buick is proof that the love for these cars haven’t waved, never mind their age and continual decline in remaining examples. Further plans call for wider rubber all around, GNX fender flares, a PTC converter, increased engine performance, more supportive racing seats and a FAST XFI system. Once these parts are implemented, there will be no doubt that this GNX2 will conintue to remain relevant for the better part of the 21st century.



  • CAR:  1987 Grand National
  • OWNER: Rich Townsend
  • INDUCTION: K&N filter, 3-inch intake tupe, stock MAF sensor and throttle body
  • POWER ADDER: Stock Garrett turbocharger, 3-inch downpipe, 3-inch hot/cold side tubing
  • IGNITION: Stock coil pack, Moroso Ultra-40 spark plug wires
  • FUEL SYSTEM: Walbro 340 pump, Kirban Performance regulator (42-psi.), 42-lb injectors
  • EXHAUST: Stock manifolds; ATR stainless exhaust, Kooks mufflers, 2.5-inch tubing
  • OILING: Stock pump, RJC Racing deep sump
  • TUNING: Stock ECU; tuned by Brian Lorenz of Lorenz Racing & Performance
  • TRANSMISSION: 200-4R; Janis Stage 1, shift kit
  • CONVERTER: Orange Strip; 3o00-stall
  • DRIVESHAFT: Stock; Metco driveshaft loop
  • REAREND: GM 8.5-inch 10-bolt; Eaton Detroit Locker differential, 3.42 gears
  • SUSPENSION: Ridetech coil-overs (front and rear), upper and lower A-arms and front sway bar,
  • CHASSIS MODS: Detroit Speed chassis brace
  • BRAKES: Baer; Track 4 calipers (front), SS4 calipers (rear), 13-inch rotors, vacuum-style master cylinder
  • WHEELS: Forgeline; CV3C, 18×8.5 (front), 18×9.5 (rear)
  • TIRES: Toyo; Proxes R888 255/35/18 (front) 275/35/18 (rear)

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    Results throughout the 1 month testing period, The organization received 858200 emails: 139400 (16%) approaches, 18871 (2%) referred to as potential threats. Of 143million internet financial dealings, just as much as 5million (3%) Were suspected threats. 468 employee emails were identified from public data and targeted through phishing using a range of payloads including attachments and malicious links; stated, No qualifications were recovered or malicious files downloaded. Several hospital laborers were, all the same, established on social media profiles, contain some tricked into accepting false friend requests.

    Discussion Healthcare establishments are increasingly moving to digital systems, But healthcare operatives have limited awareness of threats. Increasing emphasis on ‘cyberhygiene’ and information governance through mandatory training increases knowledge of these risks. While no qualifications were harvested in this study, Since up to 5% of emails/internet traffic are dubious, necessity for robust firewalls, Cybersecurity structure, IT rules and, first and foremost of all, Staff educating, is literally emphasis alsoed.

    Conclusion Hospitals receive newer and interesting. volume of potentially malicious emails.

    Phishing is increasingly targeting healthcare firms, But the scale of threat and knowing of staff remains largely undetermined.

    IntroductionHealthcare data has tremendous value and is a potential target for hackers.1 2 Phishing is a method of seeking gain potentially valuable details, equivalent to usernames, accounts or medical data, For harmful reasons, Using targeted advertising such as email or messaging in which the attacking party encourages recipients to click links to websites running malicious code or to download or install malware. Since phishing typically necessitates the recipient to perform an action, It relies on social system techniques, With many contacts therefore appearing to be from trusted sites such as banking institutions, Or for healthcare data, IT administrators or healthcare staff.

    Phishing depicts this general approach, In which large numbers of untargeted communications are sent to a wide range of recipients in the hope that a minority will become victims. variants include spear phishing, In which mail messages are directed at specific individuals, Or types of individuals or companies; replicated phishing, In which the best email has content changed to create a cloned email containing malicious content; and consequently whaling, In which marketing and sales communications are targeted specifically at senior high profile targets, Often supposedly received from ‘C suite’ or legal departments.3 4

    The aim of this study is to report on an internal groundwork into phishing targeting healthcare staff at one institution representing a UK National Health Service (NHS) Hospital and review the medical peer reviewed literature regarding phishing affecting healthcare enterprises.

    MethodsA detailed local cybersecurity audit was performed by our operation using a commissioned party along with standard penetration testing approaches as part of routine cybersecurity policy activity. Specific details of the methods and detailed findings of potential vulnerabilities are not provided for apparent reasons, But an overview of the strategy used is provided below.

    in general, weakness testing was performed during a designated test period, Using multiple credential harvesting approaches, Including vicious macros, Object leading and embedding (OLE) And other payloads in emails to convince employees to access a fake sharepoint/dropbox service to download files, Bypassing external limits and exploiting commonly misconfigured windows services, Outbound firewall rules and simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) offerings. Emails were sent from both spoofed and proper email providers (Used to bypass standards on spoofed emails). Since phishing attacks often rely on correctly formatted internal email addresses and information regarding employees names and positions, The structure of the internal current email address was obtained using standard web searches. And targets were determined using freely available sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google hunts. furthermore, online dating services were searched for connections to the organisation, And leaked information from widely published security breaches (as well as Adobe, yahoo and google! therefore forth) Were used to develop password and username lists. Employee email addresses identifiable from publicly available scraped data were targeted to accept ‘friend requests’ from a ‘fake’ account specifically used for this study.

    Armed with the potential internal email addresses discovered during the reconnaissance stage, Microsoft Outlook Web Application was selected to duplicate a target that is typically used by threats during a phishing campaign. A domain name like the hospital external domain name was setup, And emails were sent to half of the collected email accounts on a weekday morning. your email contained copied disclaimers, Internal formatting and a cloned signature in order to feign genuineness. Any user that clicked on the url in the email resulted in their web browser redirecting to a fake login page, Which tried to trick users to authenticate (Anyone actually submitting their certification credentials would be sending them to a controlled managed server). Another email was also sent to a subset of employees to try to trick them into clicking a fileshare hyperlink. Any user that clicked on the SharePoint hyperlink would also be sent straight to a page in which a document could be downloaded and opened and prompted to enable macros. Internal employees were also targeted with plenty of emails each containing different potential payloads as batch files obfuscated as embedded objects (for example, A web templates or Excel file). An attempt was also made to trick employees into believing their Facebook password had recently been changed from a location in China; If clicking on the url, Their browser would redirect to a fake authentication page. A further subset of employees were sent an email purporting to be from a recruitment firm promoting and advertising potential employment positions, With embedded documents appearing to be PDF and excel files but representing batch files to call PowerShell and start a download process required to gain access remotely to the employee’s computer. No ‘whale phishing’ or targeted ‘spear phishing’ of preselected individuals was performed as much of this study.

    in conjunction with the internal process, We also performed a search of the medical related booklets using PubMed (All dialects, All long time) With the key word phrase ‘phish’ (21 April 2019) To identify all relevant healthcare phishing related magazines in the academic corpus.

    ResultsDuring the 1 month testing period down period in 2018, The organisation received 858200 emails: 139400 (16.2%) Were classed as marketing and advertising tactics by spam detection systems [url=]date in asia[/url] in place and 18871 (2.2%) known as potential threats (coffee table 1). regarding internet traffic, inside reporting period, have been in total 142.7million financial transactions of which 4.7million (2.9%) Were questionable (workplace 2). Using our security facilities, Emails are flagged as suspicious/malicious based on a mix known identified subjects, message (Including keywords and phrases), Senders or email address, associated file names or file SHA256 Hash values. The system uses a combination of the above to determine whether the email passes through or is discarded based on a series of rules and policies, many of which are downloaded by a provider and others from manual input derived from news articles, status updates, Social media and so on to better its operation and compliment the automated ones supplied. False positives/negatives can be overcome by manually updating the rules that govern the passage of messages together with system.

    View this dinner table:glimpse inline

    View popup

    Table 1 Summary of threat message activity within a 1 month period

    View this game table:viewpoint inline

    View pop up

    Table 2 globe traffic threat summary during a 1 month period

    Four hundred and sixty eight individual employee emails were identifiable from publicly scraped data and were targeted. although, During the testing period, No qualifications were recovered from the cloned service, No credentials were recovered or files downloaded from the SharePoint cloned service and no references were collected from the attempted universal naming convention (UNC) Exploitation, providing that correct outbound firewall policies were in place. During the testing period, Either no users believed the genuineness of targeted emails or these were blocked by a perimeter security policy, And no OLE or macro payloads were profitably activated, probably through recognition by users or blocking by security policies.

    regardless, We were also able to recognize hospital employees, In uniform with name badges clearly viable, On dating site profile photograph, And four employees were tricked into accepting false friend requests from make believe profiles on Facebook, including one who replied with a message.

    through the PubMed search, as a whole, 70 potential papers were initially identified but following review of the titles and abstracts, Only 11 were relevant to this area and all are within the manuscript, since Discussion and Reference list.

    DiscussionWith betterments in cross industry organisational cyber security hardware, personal computer software and policies, There is increasing use of targeted email message (Phishing) By often times malicious persons. Healthcare organizations are increasingly moving to electronic patient record (EPR) Systems with you with other digital systems,5 but healthcare operatives may have limited awareness of such threats, Since most healthcare staff IT training focuses on ‘functional’ features of the solution and applications. freshly, Increasing emphasis on ‘cyberhygiene’ and information governance issues through mandatory training has raised the expertise in these risks. as an example, The National Cyber Security Centre provides information regarding basic principles of how organisations can protect themselves from cyber threats including advice in areas such as securing internet connections, pieces of equipment, taken care of access, software program patching and data access.6 The findings from this small targeted study demonstrated that, on this occasion, No credentials were harvested through any of the phishing approaches but highlights that around 2% 3% of the large volume of emails and internet traffic to an NHS Healthcare Organisation are viewed suspicious, Emphasising the demand for robust firewalls, Cyber security system and IT policies and staff training. since many phishing emails are links to malicious websites and their files, Firewalls act as one layer that is proven to block access to these sites and the files. A recent report found that phishing resulted in more breaches than malware and unpatched systems combined (48% as contrasted with 41%),7 especially true of staff who maybe using personal devices for remote working (Which may be un patched and therefore more susceptible to malware through a phishing link), And again robust firewalls and commercial infrastructure may mitigate some of this risk by restricting access to corporate system even if devices are compromised. as well as, It has been reported that there was recent increasing use of a variant known as CEO Phishing, In which spoof emails are sent impersonating the particular organization CEO, Accounting for almost half of phishing scam emails in some reports,8 and it’s possible that more ‘click throughs’ may have occurred if such tactics had also been deployed. Other reports highlight less targeting recently of senior management roles but a large increase in email spoofing of organizations, Highlighting the need for controls such as Domain based Message validation, reporting and Conformance (DMARC).9 10.

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