Fast and Furious 4 Grand National is Heading to Auction

FFGN-1It’s been seven years since the fourth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise has hit theaters, and truth be told, it’s one of our favorites from the series – at least from a vehicle standpoint. Being filled with classic musclecars from all makes, GM had a predominate list of cars in the film, in particular, the Buick Grand National in the opening sequence.

Often incorrectly referred to as an ’87 GNX, even by the film’s cast and crew, the black Buick is anything but. Turbo Buick aficionados would be quick to point out the lack for fender flares, GNX badging and the presence of Grand National emblems on the fenders and trunk lid (in the incorrect location) on the car. The Buick was also equipped with a black-painted ’84-86 Regal/GN grille as well, that normally features a T-shaped chrome piece of trim running through the center and the top. By the way, what was up with the sound effects that have the car sounding like a Grand National one minute, and a cam’d SBC-powered Monte Carlo the next?

In reality, these cars were a mix of base Regals, turbo T-types and one actual Grand National mixed in making for a total of eight vehicles used for the scene. While its reported that at least two of the vehicles maintained their Buick turbo V6, the others were powered by small-block Chevy engines.

Recently, the lone Grand National used in the film has resurfaced and will be available for purchase at the April 9-11 Mecum Auction being held in Houston, Texas. Built by Picture Car Warehouse in Northridge, California, the GN features a 420 hp Turbo V6, Wilwood brakes, a 9-inch rearend, a Jaz fuel cell and is indeed the only legit WE2-code 1986 Buick Grand National used for filming. While it is hard to say what a car like this would bring, we expect that it should sell well if there’s at least one hardcore Turbo Buick enthusiast in the audience. Or Vin Diesel fan.


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