eBay Find of the Day: 1996 Camaro Z28 SS LT4


Dealer optioned LT4 4th gens weren’t exactly a common occurrence, so when this Camaro Z28 SLP SS showed up on eBay, we got a little excited. This Z28 got the Corvette Grand Sport LT4, and it’s a prototype that started a revolution. It’s a bit of a looker too, but since we haven’t scraped together enough change yet from the GM EFI couch cushions to buy it, we’ll just let you check it out.

So let’s start by talking about the aggressive body on this Camaro. It’s a genuine Camaro Z28 vert that was sent to SLP Engineering to get the SS upgrades. The hood is the most notable, it got the huge scoop that would become SLP’s signature look on down the road. It also has a set of 17” wheels that were from the Corvette Grand Sport’s features.

Inside, you’ll find that the Camaro is fully loaded. It has black leather bucket seats in the front with bolstering for added support. You’ll find the whole shebang of ‘upgrades’ and options (for the time) like power windows, AM/FM/CD stereo, cruise control, and so on. The center console has a plaque of proof that it’s indeed a rare Z28 SS.

Under the hood is the real treat about this Camaro. It got the LT4 treatment from Chevy before it was offered in the 30th-Anniversary Camaros. The engine was put in by the dealer who wondered if the powerplant would fit in the Camaro, so they made it happen, and here’s the proof. This is pretty similar to how the Yenkos came about. If you do buy this car, be prepared to pop the hood, a lot!

Otherwise, the Camaro Z28 SS is equipped with a 6-speed manual, SLP Level-1 performance suspension, disc brakes, and grippy Goodrich gForce T/A rubbers. Check it out here and happy bidding!


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