Charging Forward: Out With the Old, In With the New

39866_116765565041039_6955297_nWow,  I can’t believe how quickly 2014 has flown by. In the last six months alone, my whole world has changed and many of you were right there along with me when it happened. I become a new father in May, relocated from Tampa, Florida to Houston, Texas in July after a year-long stint with another publication, and launched GM EFI Magazine in October.

In that short amount of time, GM EFI Magazine has published 170 articles as of this writing. One hundred-seventy – in just two months. That’s a combination of hardcore tech stories, full-on feature articles, event coverage articles, news stories and new featured products. Keep in mind, those are 100% GM EFI articles – they’re not cross-posted from another site or regurgitations from other media outlets.

Putting in countless hours every day, seven days a week, it’s been a painstaking uphill battle of adversity and waves of various emotions all at once. It’s amazing that your author’s mind hasn’t been completely turned to mush yet, as a result.

However, if you think I’m doing all of this single-handedly you’re misinformed. It wouldn’t have been possible without an amazing, but tiny, group of writers and photographers helping me put in the man hours contributing to the title, along with our friends in the industry and the advertisers that we’re very grateful to be working with. GM EFI Magazine wouldn’t have grown this quickly if it weren’t for them. Oh, and it’s because of our advertisers, that we’re able to bring this daily dose of late-model GM awesomeness to you for no money out of our reader’s pocket. For that, I am beyond thankful.

The overwhelming love, support and positive attention we’ve received in that short amount of time has made it all worth it.  Everyone from highly-respected individuals in the industry, to the groups of average enthusiasts in Small Town, U.S.A have reached out to us to show their appreciation for this brand-new digital publication. It’s what we have thrived upon since day one, and it hasn’t stopped since.

We’ve already launched three project vehicles; Sleeper Status, Wicked6 and Blue Magic, with Project Phoenix, our 2002 WS6, following close behind. All four of these vehicles will get various combinations of serious work, and each will be a reoccurring theme over the course of the next year or more. We might even add one or two more by year’s end, if not immediately after the New Year  – and they’re going to be pretty killer.

In the meantime, our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter continue to earn new followers daily as social media continues to be a key ingredient to our success. As many shares, likes and comments we get on our social media outlets, we could always use more. Now it’s your turn to help us; if you like what you see and read about on our site, then you can contribute to the cause not with money, but by simply sharing our content with your friends and your fan pages! We’ll be launching our YouTube channel soon, and you’ll get to see all kinds of great video content on behalf of the GM EFI team – from tech installs to feature cars, and everything in between.

With so much accomplished in just 60 days, we can only imagine what the next 365 will bring in 2015. If everything up to this point is of any evidence, you haven’t seen anything yet – Happy New Year!

-Rick Seitz

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