2000 C5 Corvette Clocks in at 650,000 Miles and Still Kickin’!

It’s been a topic of discussion around water coolers and car forums all over the world. Before purchasing a vehicle, folks will generally ask how long the engine and other components are good for as it’s the most basic and intuitive question their is. This 2000 Chevrolet C5 Corvette gives us a little taste of what could happen with certain engines if proper maintenance techniques are observed.

Normally, we wouldn’t be too impressed with a 200k or 300k mile Chevrolet LS engine. That’s just a walk in the park for the stout and reliable powerplant. However, when we heard that this gentleman racked up a monstrous 650,000 miles on his LS1, our jaws absolutely dropped to the floor.

Due to a regular commute from Florida to Georgia and back, the car had managed an impressive amount of highway miles. The owner, Mark, says that after putting mileage on new cars so often, he decided to stick it out with this one seemingly until the wheels fall off! This isn’t Mark’s first ball game either as he’s owned Corvettes from ’84, ’85, ’88, and our personal favorite, a ’91 C4 with 342k miles on the clock!

The best part of Mark’s current C5 is that it doesn’t look like it has a dime over 50k miles on it. The paint is as clean as a whistle! While 650,000 is most definitely an impressive feat, we’re raring and ready to see how much mileage total can be seen by this stock LS1. What do you think this engine will be able to rack up? 750k? One-million miles? We will have to check back in soon and keep track of the status of this high mileage beauty.

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